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Top 3 Pathways to Peace: Politics in the Book of Isaiah

Isaiah calls for peace today, not in the distant future. The book's authors' three political themes tell the people of God to broker peace, compassion and understanding. "Turn your swords into ploughshares." With North and South Korea staring each other down, insurgency in Mali, threats of post-election fighting in Kenya, and violent clashes in Syria, there's never been a better time for humans to remember ...

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Ecclesiastes: Chasing the Wind

Ecclesiastes claims life is meaningless. Why? Because we are constantly comparing ourselves with others. The author compares himself to others when he claims to have had more possessions "than any who had been before me in Jerusalem." (2:7) To make his point comparing ourselves with others, he repeats himself "I became great and surpassed all who were before me in Jerusalem." He realized that all this "was ...

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