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Monica Lewinsky and Jesus Christ: How to Overcome the Place of Shame

Monica Lewinsky and Jesus Christ had the same experience. Their shared experience could have defined their lives. It could have made them bitter. They could have sought revenge. But they didn’t. Instead, they invited us to change. They invited us to live into a better world. Monica Lewinsky and the Place of Shame Monica and Jesus both occupied the place of shame. In 1998, Monica became a lightning rod for s ...

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Faith Forward: The Future of Christian Education, Part 4

What’s Emerging? A New Story Dave Csinos, the founder and president of the Faith Forward Conference taking place in Nashville May 19-22, is excited by what is emerging in Christian education curricula today. He sees more taking place than just surface changes. New forms are reflecting the revitalization of emerging Christianity and that diversity is just what Dave hopes participants at Faith Forward 2014 wi ...

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Jesus Gives a Reading Lesson

God renews Creation from a cross where Jesus would take the worst we have to offer one another – the ridicule, the beatings, the shame and horror of public execution – and offer not vengeance but forgiveness. Luke’s good news is that the high Priest has returned to make the Great Atoning Sacrifice on our behalf and the impact of that sacrifice has been working its way through human history for 2000 years. ...

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A Curriculum for the New Christianity

“The 1970s were the beginning of the end of older forms of Christianity, and now, decades later, we are witnessing the end of the beginning.”  --Diana Butler Bass I graduated from my Catholic girls high school in 1973 as an avowed agnostic. Having rejected Catholicism and all of Christianity for that matter, I had no idea that I was part of a tidal wave of change sweeping  American Christianity. I felt alon ...

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James Alison and the Heart of Christianity

The day has finally arrived! After nearly four years of planning, filming, building sets, sewing costumes, and film shoots till midnight, The Forgiving Victim video – all 18 hours of it – is edited and floating somewhere in a digital cloud! Now all that’s left to do is – okay, there’s a few things left to do, but before I list all of those I thought I’d celebrate a bit and give you a little background about ...

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A Real Life Forgiving Victim

We have finished our first week of filming and are actually ahead of schedule. James Alison has been on fire and the actors and crew have been tremendous. We are dramatizing some of the bible stories, and the effect is really great mostly because of two things. The actors are really quite good and deliver the emotional content beautifully. And the costumes by Raven Marketing Director and Jill-of-all-trades, ...

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Twitter Envy

I have always been hyper-sensitive to envy, which is why I blog and tweet with a great deal of trepidation. In fact, I am fearful whenever I am talking about myself, even in face to face conversations. I had to be taught that when someone tells you something about their life, it’s not uncommon to respond with a similar revelation. Seriously, I had to learn to do that sometime in my late twenties, early thir ...

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