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[VIDEO] Sermon: On Saying Yes: An Israelite Girl, Malala Yousafzai, and Jesus

The great Jewish theologian and philosopher Martin Buber said that there are two basic positions to life.[1] A position that says “Yes” to life. And a position that says “No” to life. For Buber, saying “Yes” is a bit of a paradox, because saying “Yes” to life doesn’t primarily depend upon us seeking, or striving, or grasping for some abstract meaning to life. Once we start seeking, striving, and grasping we ...

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Allahu Akbar! Thank God for Violence!: John McCain, Fox News, and the Liberal Media

I’m all for confronting Islamaphobia, but there is a deeper theological issue here for both Christians and Muslims that the liberal media is missing. In one sense, I agree with Kilmeade. I don’t care if you are a Muslim or a Christian; I do have a problem helping anyone who screams ‘Allahu Akbar!’ or “Thank God!” after a successful military attack. ...

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Islam and Positive Mimesis

Islam implicitly challenges this duality of the archaic sacred through Tawhid, Islams most fundamental theological doctrine. Tawhid refers to the absolute oneness of God. Islamic scholar Michael Sells states that Tawhid refers to the “interior unity of the deity, that in God all the attributes—such as seeing, hearing, knowing, and willing—are in some sense one” (Approaching the Qur’an, 19). If God’s interio ...

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Surprising Our Enemies: Christians and Muslims Working for the Common Good

What if we surprised our enemies? I mean, really surprised them. What if we surprised them with something totally unexpected? When our personal, political, and national enemies strike us, they expect us to strike back. That’s been the human script since the foundations of human culture. We mimic violence blow for blow. Only each side wants to be the side who delivers the final blow. What if we surprised our ...

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Outrage: Videos, Violence and Lessons Learned

Every once in a while I go through some serious soul searching about my commitment to freedom of speech. It happens when hateful or destructive speech is protected – like pornography for example. I think pornography is toxic and should be banned along with all other environmental pollutants. Hate speech is another one. A few years ago a member of a hate group from my North Chicago suburb went on a shooting ...

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Human Dignity: The Sense and Senselessness of Violence

Violence is a paradox. It makes sense. And it doesn’t make sense. Whether or not it makes sense or is senseless usually depends entirely upon which side you are on. J. Christopher Stevens, the United States ambassador to Libya, and three members of his staff were tragically killed yesterday as a furious mob attacked the US consulate in Benghazi, Libya. The mob became violent in reaction to a short movie rec ...

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The Girl with the Dove Tattoo by Brian McLaren: A Review

Our project must be nothing less than to expose the monster that lurks within all our religions, ideologies, parties, and philosophies, and to drive the monster out of hiding and into light. -Sid (aka Siddhartha Guatama … aka the Buddha) in The Girl with the Dove Tattoo Brian McLaren's latest fictional ebook, The Girl with the Dove Tattoo, is a powerful account of human nature and the nature of God. This sh ...

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The All-American Muslim Controversy

My wife and I sat on the couch as we watched the first episode of TLC’s reality show All-American Muslim.  We were both excited to see how the show would portray life for Muslims living in Dearborn, Michigan.  But my wife was really excited.  Earlier in the day she saw a commercial for the first episode.  She laughed as she explained the commercial to me: Suehaila Amen, a woman on the show, was flying to Wa ...

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Find Your Voice for Peace

I’ve had a lump in my throat since I heard about the terrorist attack in Norway. Youth, for God’s sake. Talk about literally killing hope. For Americans dealing with the aftermath of our own terrorism, the implications are chilling, for this was not an Islamic terrorist. This was a Norwegian killing his own in order to promote his political agenda and he took inspiration from American right wing ideologues ...

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