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The Politics of Palm Sunday

Make no mistake: the Gospel is political. Politics refers to “the affairs of the city” and “influencing other people on a civic or individual level.” Throughout his life, death, and resurrection, Jesus is political. He influences people to live into the Kingdom of Heaven. For Jesus, Heaven is not essentially some place off in the distance where you go after you die. No, Heaven is a way of life to be lived r ...

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For God, Country, and Coke

The highlight of the Super Bowl for me was Coca-Cola’s America is Beautiful commercial. The images of the American landscape are amazing and the song was beautiful. At first I was a bit confused by the different languages singing America the Beautiful (I’m slow…), but I caught on about halfway through. When the commercial ended, I looked over at my wife and said, “Wow. That was beautiful…Not worth four mill ...

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God, Same-Sex Marriage, and 33 Weddings at the Grammys

Call me old fashioned, but our culture hit a new low at the Grammys when 33 couples were married. Some of them were gay and lesbian couples. Indeed, it was a bad day for marriage. First, Macklemore sang Same Love, then Queen Latifah officiated a wedding for 33 couples, and then Madonna sang her 1986 single Open Your Heart. Now, don’t get me wrong. I love Macklemore’s Same Love. I love its pro-same-sex marri ...

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It’s December 26th – Let the Real War on Christmas Begin!

Now that December 25th is over, the real war on Christmas can begin. Because, you see, that other “War on Christmas” that begins in late November and ends on December 25th is a manufactured war. That war is fabricated by a television network that, despite the Bible’s repeated message at the birth of Christ to “not be afraid,” wants Christians to live in fear of some secular agenda to destroy Christmas. Afte ...

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New York Times Video and Mimetic Theory Part 2: Busty Women and True Beauty

Big boobs. No, I haven’t reverted to my sophomore year in high school. The New York Times brought up the topic, so I feel like now I have to talk about them. According to the New York Times, big boobs are all the rage in Venezuela. Of course, we can’t just accuse Venezuela for cleavage run amok. Women throughout the world are paying big bucks to augment their breasts. The question is why? In my first post i ...

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Mandy Patinkin and the Princess Bride: Justice, Revenge, and Jewish Spirituality

If you were on Facebook or Twitter last week, you probably saw the CBS interview with Mandy Patinkin. He’s probably best known for this line from the classic movie The Princess Bride: Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die. The Princess Bride was released when I was 16. My friends and I would throw that line back and forth whenever we competed against one another. Monopoly. Ba ...

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Rob Bell, Oprah Winfrey, and Christianity’s Identity Crisis

Christianity is facing an identity crisis that boils down to one question: Who is God? It’s the question that Rob Bell tackled in his latest book What We Talk about When We Talk about God and it’s the question Rob and Oprah Winfrey discussed yesterday on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday. (You can watch the full episode here.) Rob and Oprah sum up the crisis at the beginning of the interview: Rob: For many people…G ...

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Strange Fire: John MacArthur, Mark Driscoll, the Holy Spirit, and the Satan

I first heard about the Strange Fire controversy when my Twitter feed started tweeting up a storm on Monday. The drama centered on a confrontation between two conservative mega church pastors, John MacArthur and Mark Driscoll. Most of my Twitter friends are theological liberals, and we liberals love it when our conservative brethren get in fights. Woo-hoo! A scandal! This scandal, like most scandals, was ov ...

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[VIDEO] Sermon: On Saying Yes: An Israelite Girl, Malala Yousafzai, and Jesus

The great Jewish theologian and philosopher Martin Buber said that there are two basic positions to life.[1] A position that says “Yes” to life. And a position that says “No” to life. For Buber, saying “Yes” is a bit of a paradox, because saying “Yes” to life doesn’t primarily depend upon us seeking, or striving, or grasping for some abstract meaning to life. Once we start seeking, striving, and grasping we ...

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