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The Glory of the Grammys: Desire, Hope, and Beck’s Perfect Response to Kanye West

Ahh, we love drama, don’t we? Okay, maybe you don’t, but this year’s Grammys didn’t disappoint in creating some scandal. Kanye West was at it again. In 2009 Kanye interrupted Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech for best female video at the MTV Video Music Awards. As Swift was talking, Kanye took the stage and protested, claiming that Beyoncé deserved the award. And on Sunday night, in straight mimetic fashion, ...

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Why I Hope Ann Coulter is Right: Soccer and the Moral Decay of the United States

In the midst the World Cup, conservative columnist Ann Coulter wrote a scathing article about soccer. She denounced the sport for infecting the United States with moral deterioration. She wrote, “Any growing interest in soccer can only be a sign of the nation’s moral decay.” Coulter is a shock journalist who specializes in scandal. She garners attention by shaming and demonizing liberals, in this case for o ...

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Fr. Richard Schenk on Mimetic Theory, World War 1, and “Battling to the End”

The annual conference of the Colloquium on Violence and Religion begins next week! This conference will be especially interesting as it commemorates the 100th anniversary of World War 1 and relates that war to mimetic theory. The conference is titled, "Battling to the End 1914-2014: The Escalation of Violence and Victimization: Rene Girard and Jean-Luc Marion." Suzanne and I had the opportunity to interview ...

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Investing In Peace: Israel, Palestine and the Presbyterian Church.

A couple weeks ago, I decided I would write in support of the Presbyterian Church USA’s decision, by a narrow vote of the 221st General Assembly, to divest from three particular businesses that facilitate the occupation of the Palestinian territories by Israel: Caterpillar, Inc., Hewlett-Packard, and Motorola Solutions. While I feel anxiety speaking up on such a controversial topic, I am proud of my childho ...

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Rachel Held Evans and the Friendly Atheist on CNN: Grasping for Truth

On Sunday, CNN hosted a debate between two insanely popular bloggers. It was titled, “Debating why millennials are leaving the church.” The debaters were both born after 1980, which makes them millennials – evangelical blogger Rachel Held Evans, who blogs at rachelheldevans.com, and atheist Hemant Mehta, who is the primary blogger and editor at the friendly atheist blog. As for the debate, Rachel’s best arg ...

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The Dark Knight Rises: Why I Am Bane and So Are You

Maybe it’s time we all stop trying to outsmart the truth and let it have its day. - Alfred Pennyworth from The Dark Knight Rises The most fascinating aspect of The Dark Knight Rises is the constant search for truth amidst countless lies. The truths explored throughout TDKR are spiritual truths, and these truths are surprisingly rooted in the Judeo-Christian tradition. They are the truths of immortality, res ...

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For the Joy of Parenting: Desire, Penguins, and Roller Coasters

This morning it was the penguin. It could just as easily have been the bear, the dog, the giraffe, or even the man dressed in blue pajamas who is missing his red cape.  But this morning it was the hand puppet penguin. I have two boys, ages four and two.  They are adorable little tykes (which they clearly get from their Mother), but sometimes they fight.  As children do. “I want penguin!” shouted our younges ...

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The Jungle Book and Mimetic Theory

Becoming a father of two young boys has allowed me to relive my childhood movies.  Working with mimetic theory for the last three years has made me sensitive to whatever bears the marks of mimesis.  So, when my boys began watching The Jungle Book, I couldn’t help but notice René Girard’s master theory of human relationships play out on our television screen. Girard claims that what makes us human is our nat ...

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