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Mother’s Day Book Feature Friday: It Runs In The Family by Frida Berrigan

I am a stay-at-home mom, and I consider myself an aspiring peacemaker. It often feels like a strange, paradoxical life. At any given moment, when my mind is filled with the major challenges of the 21st-century world – a constant “war on terror,” environmental degradation, racism, sexism, and homophobia in all of their violent manifestations – my hands are filled with a squirming toddler demanding, and deser ...

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When Even Pope Francis Is Wrong: True Peacemaking And The Futility of Violence

Raven friend Michael Hardin of Preaching Peace recently declared, “Here is a place Pope Francis just does not get it,” regarding a New York Post article that stated, “the leader of the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics has said the international community would be justified in using military force as a last resort to stop “unjust aggression” perpetrated by Islamic State militants.” To say that Pope Francis “doe ...

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Attn SBNR: Biblical Violence Matters to Peace

It baffles me when people who are deeply concerned about peace and peacemaking define themselves as “spiritual but not religious.” In pursuit of personal and/ or global peace, they shun organized religion in favor of indigenous spirituality. Celtic music, eastern spiritual disciplines like yoga and meditation, and the Native American relationship with nature all seem so attractive and obviously non-violent. ...

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Warriors and Peacemakers: Honoring Veterans for Peace

Some think you can either be a warrior or a peacemaker, and that a “warrior-peacemaker” is a contradiction in terms. They see warriors as brave, realistic, self-sacrificing and peacemakers as cowardly, naïve, and gullible. From this perspective, warriors understand what peacemakers fail to see, that peace will never come cheaply. We will always need to rely on violence to defeat the evil doers bent on our d ...

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Revisiting the Buddha: Checking in with Indira Johnson

A year after we awarded the 2012 Raven Award for Excellence in Arts and Entertainment to Chicago artist Indira Johnson, we thought we’d bring you an update on her work. We honored Indira for her use of public art to address issues of urban violence. The project began about 5 years ago, when she became preoccupied by a radical thought.  “How would it change an urban space,” she wondered, “if a Buddha head wa ...

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Seeking a Visa for Dr. Wee Teck Young

Raven Foundation friend Kathy Kelly of Voices for Creative Nonviolence, requests our help on behalf of Afghan Peacemaker Dr. Wee  Teck Young, a.k.a., Hakim. Hakim has been invited to tour the United  States but has been denied a visa. Read about his work, his predicament,  and how you can help this inspiring activist share his story in the  U.S. Kathy Kelly was a recent guest on Playing for Keeps during the ...

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Voices of Peace Talk Radio with theologian James Alison

Theologian James Alison joined the Voices of Peace Talk Radio (formerly called Playing for Keeps) on May 4, 2012 to explore how The Hunger Games and chapter 7 of the Old Testament book of Joshua have something very important in common: a lottery in which the winners get to die for the sake of the community. Many people joined Adam and Bob in the discussion with James to explore how lotteries are used as vio ...

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Voices of Peace Talk Radio with Ted Wachtel

Adam and Bob's guest on Voices of Peace Talk Radio (formerly known as Playing for Keeps), Ted Wachtel is the president of the  International Institute for Restorative Practices (IIRP) and author of Toughlove, Toughlove Solutions and Real Justice. IIRP is the world's first graduate school devoted entirely to the teaching, research and dissemination of restorative practices. At the school's model programs, CS ...

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Voices of Peace Talk Radio with Professor Julia M. Robinson

Julia M. Robinson, PhD, an Associate Professor of African American Religions in the Religious Studies Department of University of North Carolina at Charlotte, was the first guest. A teacher of courses in African American History, African American Religion and the Religions of the African Diaspora, Professor Robinson investigates the intersection of race, religion and gender within African and African Americ ...

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