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Book Feature Friday: Pascale’s Wager by Anthony Bartlett

"I cannot know what darkness is, because it’s just darkness, but love can know it, and love always goes on regardless. Love is searching for endless love and it searches all the way around the empty universe until it meets itself coming back."  -- Pascale's Wager Some days I am tempted to despair. As I write, massacres are taking place in various corners of the world, global warming is rapidly encroaching u ...

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Two Things the Hobby Lobby Case Tells Us about Politics and Being Christian

Since the Hobby Lobby case, I have learned two things about being Christian. First, being Christian means that you are right and that the other side is not only wrong, but a detriment to American freedom. Conservatives are boasting that their victory over liberals is a “welcoming gesture not only toward religious freedom, but also freedom of conscience.” The blog Seasons of Grace asks that we join the autho ...

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Elliot Rodger and Boko Haram: Addressing and Correcting Violence in Religion and Building a Culture of Peace

In my most recent article, I let readers glimpse into my inner world of confusion and anger and my struggle to follow Jesus as I searched my heart and mind for a way that might help the Nigerian girls kidnapped by Boko Haram that would not exacerbate the violence.* A post-script promised an upcoming article exploring ways to create a culture of peace. In the wake of the horrific mass killing by Elliot Rodge ...

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David Brooks and Religious Hostility: Tasting Goodness

In his column for the New York Times called Alone, Yet Not Alone, David Brooks laments the “strong vein of hostility against orthodox religious believers in America today, especially among the young.” Even more disturbing for Brooks is that in his experience, the opinion of young people is too often justified. He observes that religious believers can be “judgmental,” “hypocritical,” “old-fashioned” and “out ...

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Islam and Positive Mimesis

Islam implicitly challenges this duality of the archaic sacred through Tawhid, Islams most fundamental theological doctrine. Tawhid refers to the absolute oneness of God. Islamic scholar Michael Sells states that Tawhid refers to the “interior unity of the deity, that in God all the attributes—such as seeing, hearing, knowing, and willing—are in some sense one” (Approaching the Qur’an, 19). If God’s interio ...

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Should Christians Be Patriotic Part 2: True Freedom

If patriotism means the freedom to pursue my own self interest at the expense of a common enemy, then Christians should not be patriotic. For Christians, true freedom is the freedom to love - especially to love our enemies. Paul explained that this freedom was achieved paradoxically through becoming enslaved to one another through the nonviolent and self-giving love of Christ. ...

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The Rob Bell Blogalogue Part 3: What Do You Mean, “Open,” Rob?

Rob is desperately trying to help us get past the false dichotomy of head and heart. Did you know that the head is part of the body? Did you know that the heart is part of the body? It's rather difficult to think without the heart and to feel without the brain. There are some basic biological principles at work here that are hard to deny. Yet, we are quick to take up these dichotomies. Rob is trying to help ...

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