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David Brooks and Religious Hostility: Tasting Goodness

In his column for the New York Times called Alone, Yet Not Alone, David Brooks laments the “strong vein of hostility against orthodox religious believers in America today, especially among the young.” Even more disturbing for Brooks is that in his experience, the opinion of young people is too often justified. He observes that religious believers can be “judgmental,” “hypocritical,” “old-fashioned” and “out ...

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Islam and Positive Mimesis

Islam implicitly challenges this duality of the archaic sacred through Tawhid, Islams most fundamental theological doctrine. Tawhid refers to the absolute oneness of God. Islamic scholar Michael Sells states that Tawhid refers to the “interior unity of the deity, that in God all the attributes—such as seeing, hearing, knowing, and willing—are in some sense one” (Approaching the Qur’an, 19). If God’s interio ...

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Should Christians Be Patriotic Part 2: True Freedom

If patriotism means the freedom to pursue my own self interest at the expense of a common enemy, then Christians should not be patriotic. For Christians, true freedom is the freedom to love - especially to love our enemies. Paul explained that this freedom was achieved paradoxically through becoming enslaved to one another through the nonviolent and self-giving love of Christ. ...

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The Rob Bell Blogalogue Part 3: What Do You Mean, “Open,” Rob?

Rob is desperately trying to help us get past the false dichotomy of head and heart. Did you know that the head is part of the body? Did you know that the heart is part of the body? It's rather difficult to think without the heart and to feel without the brain. There are some basic biological principles at work here that are hard to deny. Yet, we are quick to take up these dichotomies. Rob is trying to help ...

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Fox News, the War on Christmas, and Christian Philosophy

Fox News is an easy target for people like me. It tends toward the extreme in order to entertain and provocate. Its annual panic meter is once again off the charts as it strikes fear in the hearts of viewers. It is December, after all, and thus has begun the “War on Christmas.” Rally the troops! We must defend Christmas! The most powerful defender of Christmas at Fox is Bill O’Reilly. In the video above, O’ ...

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