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The Beatles and “Queenie Eye” through the Lens of Mimetic Theory

(This article written by special guest contributor Curtis Gruenler, Professor of English at Hope College) On March 21, 1964, “She Loves You” hit the top of the U. S. chart. It was The Beatles’ second American hit, but their first triangular song—the first to begin to explore love as a relation not just between two people, but involving a third who acts as a model of desire and can become also a rival and an ...

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Dieting to Extremes: Anorexia, Mimetic Desire and the Death of Isabelle Caro

Are you on a diet now? Are you starting one tomorrow? Dieting is a preoccupation for most of us, the result of living in a land in which we are bombarded with two competing messages: advertisements of often irresistible foodstuffs and media idols celebrated for their svelte figures. Some of us manage to lose some weight, many gain it back, but for a few of us the healthy desire to control our eating and she ...

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The Forgiving Corpse: A Parable

How’s this for an unlikely scenario? One of the characters in Keith Huff’s new crime comedy, Big Lake Big City, is a petty criminal named Stewart who ends up not quite dead after a screwdriver accidently gets embedded in his skull. If the doctors try to remove it, he will die; if they leave it in, he will die. But somehow he isn’t dead yet. For a few days he walks around in a liminal space between life and ...

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Adam Falls Again: A Review of Geoffrey Nauffts’s Play Next Fall

A wonderful production of the play Next Fall by Geoffrey Nauffts is currently being staged by the AstonRep company at the BoHo Theatre in Chicago. My apologies to out-of-towners who won’t have the opportunity to see the show, because it is blessed with a gifted ensemble, headed by Mark Jacob Chaitin and Ryan Hamlin in the lead roles. Hamlin plays Adam, who, unlike the Biblical Adam, has no relationship with ...

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The Rob Bell Blogalogue Part 5: Awake Oh My Soul*

In this Rob is writing about those transcendent moments, those awesome moments when we get a glimpse of the magnitude of the universe and our very, very small place in it...and the inconceivably generous grace that is communicated in the midst of our smallness. This is the kind of vision that he desires for us. This is how he wants us to experience the with-ness of God. God is with us. ...

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Guns: Cause or Cure?

Adam and I did a series of four articles following the Newtown massacre in December. Our focus was on the culture of violence in which we live, breathe and have our being. We wrote that the logic of violence is woven through the fabric of our culture. ...

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Fox News, the War on Christmas, and Christian Philosophy

Fox News is an easy target for people like me. It tends toward the extreme in order to entertain and provocate. Its annual panic meter is once again off the charts as it strikes fear in the hearts of viewers. It is December, after all, and thus has begun the “War on Christmas.” Rally the troops! We must defend Christmas! The most powerful defender of Christmas at Fox is Bill O’Reilly. In the video above, O’ ...

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