A Montessori Christmas

Editor’s Note: For the last few days of Advent, the Raven Foundation will be reposting past Advent and Christmas articles as we prepare our hearts and minds for the coming holy days. This video was first published December 21, 2015.

Editor’s Note 2: This video is  a part of the Maria Montessori Project, which aims to dramatize the life of Dr. Maria Montessori and draw connections between her work in child development and the mimetic theory of Dr. René Girard. As Christmas draws near, many parents are anticipating the day with a dose of anxiety mixed with joy. The pressure to recreate special Christmas magic for our own children is great. Montessori educator and mimetic theorist Suzanne Ross and her daughter Emily want Christmas to be a joyful time for little ones and parents alike.  Enjoy this helpful, practical and spirit-filled conversation about how to simplify Christmas, reduce stress and pressure, and make the holiday a calm, peaceful, wonderful time for the whole family.

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