A Progressive Christian Pastor Speaks on Abortion

We need to care about a life outside the womb as much as a life inside the womb.


In this episode, Pastor Adam EricksenĀ focuses on abortion, its history and its impact.

The history of Evangelicals when it comes to the issue of abortion is interesting. In the 1970s, the Southern Baptist Coalition affirmed Roe vs. Wade. Why? Because there is no law in the Bible forbidding abortion and because they did not want the federal government telling them what to do.

During this time of desegregation, the Southern Evangelicals started created white-only Christian schools resulting in the Supreme Court stripping them of their tax exempt status. This caused the group to lose political power, so they became focused on the issue of abortion to regain power and prominence.

During the past 50 years, conservatives have controlled the Supreme Court, but the pro-life groups have not attempted to overturn Roe vs. Wade. Is this designed for one party to maintain the support of one issue voters?

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