A Raven Summer: Diving Deep For Peace

Dear Readers,

The Raven team is taking a four week break from blogging beginning July 23 to rest and renew our minds, bodies and spirits. As always, our hearts will be overflowing with gratitude for all of you and your devotion to the great work of building inclusive, sustainable communities of peace. If possible, please find time to nourish yourselves, too, so we can all return on August 20 energized for the work ahead.

We will be disconnecting from the news cycle as a way to reorient our view of the chances for peace in our time. Be reminded that the “news” is about conflicts and scandal, hate and violence. But that is not the sum total of what is going on in the world! The “news” is like the waves on the surface of the ocean – accurate as far as it goes, but not a barometer of what lies beneath. When the waves are churning violently, we can lose sight of the teeming life and calm waters that offer genuine hope.

So why not learn to see below the surface? Sharpen your vision for peace by diving down deep where the work of peace is going on out of the glare of the media spotlight.

Learn how effective nonviolence can be for changing your life and the world at the Metta Center for Nonviolence or Nonviolent Peaceforce. Please do take a break from the scandal and controversary dominating social media and head over to the The Porch Magazine, the “slow magazine about difficult things”. Here’s how editor Gareth Higgins describes their mission:

The Porch is a magazine and community made by and for folk who are hungry for a hopeful vision of the world that has something to offer everyday life, tired of the social media grind, and want to connect more deeply with creative ideas and community, and sensing the authenticity of spirituality, and the possibility of friendship across diversity.

If that sounds like you, refresh yourself on The Porch this summer. Do you know of other people and organizations doing great work below the waves? Please share about them on the Raven Facebook page. And of course, the Raven website has a rich archive of articles and resources on mimetic theory for your summer reading pleasure! As you spend time beneath the surface, you will find more peaceful ways of responding to those you have found it easy to condemn and ridicule. As our friend and mentor, René Girard, reminds us, “We don’t have to accuse our neighbor; instead, we can learn to love him.”

Let the love grow!

Your friends at the Raven ReView

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