A Witch’s Path (with Seba The Southern Fried Witch)

God is in nature and that is their church.


In this episode of One Question, Pastor Adam talks with Seba, the Southern Fried Witch, about her path to becoming a witch and what being a witch means to her.

Adam explains he has witches in his congregation and he is happily learning about witches. Being a witch is dangerous in the United States, especially in the Bible Belt, so Seba joined the Facebook Live conversation but did not show her face.

Seba explained that one of the definitions of a witch is a person who affects change. Growing up in Alabama witchcraft was all around her, but it was never discussed. She believes she was born a witch. While many witches train to be a certain way, Seba was called to be a witch.

Witches are profoundly connected to nature and the earth. God is in nature and that is their church. To start becoming a witch, Seba recommends growing something.

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