Lindsey Paris Lopez

Lindsey Paris-Lopez

Lucky wife, blessed and busy mother, life-long seeker, writer, poet, inherent aptitude for puns and parodies, car radio karaoke-r, reader of fantasy, and believer that peace is possible

Meet Lindsey

A Passion for Peace

Lindsey Paris-Lopez, Editor In Chief of the Raven ReView, first discovered The Raven Foundation in 2012 through the 6th annual Theology and Peace conference. She holds a BA in English from Hollins University and an MA in Islamic Studies and Christian-Muslim Relations from Hartford Seminary. For 6 years, Lindsey served as a lay preacher in her church in Sunnyside, NY, where she also led Bible studies and formed a children’s ministry, all proclaiming the unconditional, nonviolent love of God revealed in Christ. Lindsey has found motherhood to be a continuous lesson in mimetic theory; while she studies Girardian scholars, she also learns just as much from her 5-year-old, who wants everything she sees in commercials (including cleaning products), and her 7-month-old, who shuns her own toys in favor of Mommy’s phone. She is honored to join the flock in showing how mimesis is woven into the fabric of our humanity and how re-orienting our desires in imitation of the merciful, non-rivalrous God can foster reconciliation, peace and love.​