Entries by Robert Koehler

Mass Murder and American History

“The mass shootings will continue. But we do have a choice: We can face it squarely and look beyond it, toward love, toward forgiveness, toward an understanding of our presumed enemies. When we do so, the hard part begins. We also start understanding ourselves.” – Robert Koehler

The Homeless Angel

An alarm malfunctions with a mechanical certainty that insists on a course of action, even though it’s wrong. Robert Koehler finds a metaphor in this for fears that keep us locked in wars and distrust of each other as he encounters a homeless woman.

From Carswell To Kavanaugh

Remembering when Harold Carswell was denied a seat on the Supreme Court for his views on white supremacy, Robert Koehler considers that our nation is undergoing a parallel shift in consciousness as Brett Kavanaugh’s misogyny and dehumanization haunt his nomination.

The Curse of Eve

As allegations of sexual assault mount against Brett Kavanaugh, more women are finding the courage to talk about rape and sexual harassment. Robert Koehler is inspired by this long-overdue cultural shift from misogyny to empowerment.