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Resist and Persist: Faith and the Fight for Equality

The RavenCast is excited to welcome Erin Wathen, author of “Resist and Persist: Faith and the Fight for Equality,” as she joins Adam Ericksen for a live interview on Thursday, June 28, at 6 pm CT. Enjoy the second chapter of her book as she explains the rivalry between women for power, status, and the very embodiment of womanhood and/or feminism as the product of patriarchy. How might an understanding of mimetic theory help us all to cooperate and create community together rather than compete?

Who Calls Anyone Civilized?

Peace activist Cathy Breen is overcome with emotion as she contemplates 15 years of war in Iraq and the devastation, pain and loss she has witnessed up close. She speaks with families who fear that Iraq has been forgotten by the world while war rages on.

Accompanying Honduras

In Honduras, police and military repression, since the fraudulent 2017 elections, has been growing more dire. Ken Jones writes about a fifty-person accompaniment delegation which just returned from Honduras.

The Kids The World Forgot

When Ken Hannaford-Ricardi works with Kabul’s Street Kids, he finds that children are willing and able to learn even in the most dire circumstances of war and poverty when they have love and support.

Death at the Gate

Afghan Peace Volunteer guest Ken Hannaford-Ricardi speaks of the ongoing violence in this forgotten nation even as young people dedicate their lives to peace. We must stand with them and work to end America’s longest war.