Entries by Kathy Kelly

God Only Knows

The ongoing Saudi-led, US-backed war in Yemen is called “Operation Restoring Hope.” Kathy Kelly restores real hope by amplifying the voices of those whose loved ones have been disappeared.

Hungering for Nuclear Disarmament

At a fast and vigil near a naval submarine base in Georgia, Kathy Kelly and her fellow activists stand in solidarity with those awaiting trial for their civil disobedience of symbolically beating swords into plowshares. They strive to call attention to the horror of nuclear war and prevent it by persuading the world to disarm.

A Mile In Their Shoes

“[T}he U.S. [seeks] security through dominance and military might. … The Helmand to Kabul peace walkers display a better means of securing peace: the path of fellowship with our neighbors on this planet, of living simply so that others might simply live, and of willingness to share, even partially, in the human hardship and precarity others face.” – Kathy Kelly

Digging Deeper

“My young Afghan friends show steady resilience in the face of war and destitution. They are growing up with a keen sense of the importance of water for life and the essential need to share resources.” – Kathy Kelly

A Treacherous Crossing

“The “good guys” shaping and selling U.S. foreign policy and weapon sales exemplify the heartless indifference of the smugglers who gamble human life in exceedingly dangerous crossings,” Kathy Kelly laments.