Mel Duncan

Author Bio:

Mel Duncan is a co-founder and current Director of Advocacy and Outreach for Nonviolent Peaceforce (NP), a world leader in unarmed civilian protection (UCP). NP’s nonviolent civilian protectors provide direct protection to civilians caught in violent conflict and work with local groups to prevent further violence in a variety of conflict areas including South Sudan, Iraq, the Philippines and Myanmar. Mel has represented NP at the United Nations where the group has been granted Consultative Status. Recent UN global reviews as well as Security Council and General Assembly Resolutions have cited and recommended unarmed civilian protection. He is leading a process to identify UCP good practices. He is currently focusing on applying these methods in the United States. The American Friends Service Committee nominated Nonviolent Peaceforce for the 2016 Nobel Peace Prize. In 2018 Nonviolent Peaceforce received the Luxembourg Peace Prize.

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Nonpartisanship in an Age of Division

In this featured guest post, Nonviolent Peaceforce co-founder Mel Duncan explores how we can approach conflict without taking sides in a world divided by partisanship.