Cesáreo Bandera Interview: Friendship with René Girard, the Origins of Humanity, and the Hope of Christ – The RavenCast

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In this episode of the RavenCast, I talk with Cesáreo Bandera at the Colloquium on Violence and Religion* about his friendship with René Girard. While Cesáreo and René maintained a friendship that lasted decades, they also held strong disagreements concerning mimetic theory.

Below the video are some topics we discussed.

You can listen to the MP3 by clicking the link above, or you can watch the video below.

Was the human species created from acts of sacrificial violence?

How can we maintain friendships while having strong disagreements?

What is the relationship between mimetic theory and human freedom?

The world seems to be headed for destruction. Where do we find hope?

*We recorded this episode at the 2017 in Madrid, Spain. Cesareo is the author of many books, including The Humble Story of Don Quixote, The Sacred Game, and A Refuge of Lies.

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