In the entire story of Christ’s life, he forgave without anyone having to suffer.


Special guest Gena St. David, author of The Brain and the Spirit: Unlocking the Transformative Potential¬†of the¬†Story of Christ, joins Pastor Adam and to tackle the question “Can we trust God?” Gena brings her practical experience as a therapist understanding the human experience through neuroscience to explain the rewiring of the brain that occurs when trust is granted. This led her to ask how does the Christ story spark trust within in. Adam pointed out that religion often presents God as not trustworthy. Gena explains that in scripture this begins in the Garden of Eden with the suggestion by the serpent that God can’t be trusted. In the entire story of Christ’s life, he forgave without anyone having to suffer.

Gena explains our culture has used punishment to teach something in religion, parenting, and society. While a little bit of stress is required to rewire the brain to learn, if the brain is moved into threat mode, no productive learning can occur.

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