The RavenCast: Three Interviews at the Colloquium on Violence and Religion

In this episode of the RavenCast, Adam Ericksen interviews three participants at this year's Colloquium on Violence and Religion. Adam talked with President of COV&R, Jay Alberg about his presidency, Christa Bucklin about her paper on desire and Spanish author Calderon, and Pablo Bandera about the "Internet of Things." Enjoy these three interviews on the latest episode of the RavenCast!

Orwell’s 1984: Rethinking Doublethink

While public discourse seems to have slid down the rabbit hole of “doublethink”, Orwell’s wonderful expression for deliberately forgetting what we know to be true so we can believe a lie, Suzanne Ross probes the production of 1984 by AstonRep Theatre Company to expose the doublethink underpinning notions of our own autonomy.

The Rev. Dr. Jeff Hood Interview: “The Execution of God: Encountering the Death Penalty” on the RavenCast

How should Christians faithfully respond to the death penalty? That was the question that guided the latest episode of the RavenCast with Adam Ericksen and the Rev. Dr. Jeff Hood, theologian and social activist. Watch or listen as they discuss Jeff's latest book, "The Execution of God: Encountering the Death Penalty."