Blood Sport in “The Lonesome West”

AstonRep Theatre Company’s production of "The Lonesome West", a dark comedy by award winning playwright Martin McDonagh, focuses on two brothers locked in endless bickering, sniping, and torment. While set in the Irish town of Leenane, the show provides Americans a glimpse of the pettiness infecting our current civic discourse states Suzanne Ross. Join her on October 28 for the matinee and post show discussion with members of the cast.

The Homeless Angel

An alarm malfunctions with a mechanical certainty that insists on a course of action, even though it's wrong. Robert Koehler finds a metaphor in this for fears that keep us locked in wars and distrust of each other as he encounters a homeless woman.

God Only Knows

The ongoing Saudi-led, US-backed war in Yemen is called "Operation Restoring Hope." Kathy Kelly restores real hope by amplifying the voices of those whose loved ones have been disappeared.