What Makes a Hate Group?

For protesting at drone airforce base Volk Field in Wisconsin, Brian Terrell and Kathy Kelly were arrested and falsely accused of belonging to a "hate group." Reflecting on his trial, Terrell asserts that, "The ignorance and fear that seems to inform the actions of the Juneau County Sheriff’s Department is not so different from that which impels our nation’s foreign policy and what drives the prison industrial complex here at home."
Elian Gonzalez

The Heart of Order

A standoff in Chicago's Roger's Park between an unstable, unarmed naked man and an overly militarized police has Robert Koehler thinking about the nature of authority in an age of excessive threat and force. "Is there such a thing as authority that isn’t hierarchical in nature, that isn’t about the threat of punishment?"

Charity and Civility in a Political Speech?! An Example from Abraham Lincoln

"Each party portrays the other as a combination of evil leaders and stupid followers. What is destroyed in these characterizations is the possibility of what political scientists call 'persuasive engagement...'" Lamenting the bullying and attacks of this year's electoral rhetoric on all sides, Dr. McKenzie uses Lincoln as a model for respecting others through serious disagreement.