Barbara Lee

A 10-Minute War Debate

While Donald Trump's bellicosity calls out the nuclear elephant in the room, Rep. Barbara Lee (D-California), calls for the repeal of the AUMF. Both militant Trump and war-weary Lee draw attention to the fact that our wars rage on without debate or discussion. Robert Koehler thinks it's a shame.

Rethinking Criminal Justice

"{...[S]omething extraordinary, that is to say real, is on the brink of happening in Chicago," Robert Koehler says as the North Lawndale community in Chicago prepares to launch a restorative justice program that aims to repair the damage done not just by crime, but by "justice" that brands nonviolent offenders for life and devastates neighborhoods.
Lincoln memorial

Lincoln on the Role of the President

"We look to the president to be our political savior. The founders’ understanding of the office was rather more modest." With help from Abraham Lincoln's words in defense of then-presidential candidate Zachary Taylor, Dr. Tracy McKenzie helps us see how our Founders envisioned a limited, executive role for the president.