The Birth of a Movement

Robert Koehler attended the Women's March in Chicago. "[T]hese rallies were also more than a sum of their parts. They were a culmination — a fusion — of the issues the participants stood for, and thus they were something new, nameless, in the process of becoming."

What Will Baghdad Face in 2017?

While our new president vows to put "America first," peace activist Cathy Breen reminds us of those suffering from more than a decade of American violence in Iraq. " [W]e should ask now, with genuine care, what Iraqis will face in 2017 and how we can make reparations for the suffering we’ve caused."

Tomorrow is Today

“The ultimate weakness of violence is that it is a descending spiral, begetting the very thing it seeks to destroy.” Robert Koehler echoes Dr. King's prescient words as the cycle of violence churns on, with shootings on Martin Luther King day in Chicago, Miami, and around the world and an unending global war of terror. Dr. King's wisdom, moral courage and compassion are needed now more than ever.

War Consciousness and the F-35

Contemplating the new F-35 fighter jet and the United States's determination to spend trillions of dollars creating war machines and finding enemies to fight, Robert Koehler asks, "What if we began waging peace against terrorism? That is to say, what if we began to recognize that understanding the enemy is what’s crucial, while thinking we can destroy what we fear is an illusion of monstrous proportions?