The Mental Limits of War

This conventional American wisdom of war, Robert Koehler laments, "[doesn't] open the mind — certainly not to argument and debate — but, instead, quietly set[s] our collective mental limits. Either you bomb something or you do nothing. What do you not understand about that?"

Syria’s Beautiful Babies: How to Confront Trump’s Hypocrisy

Angered by the carnage in Syria, Adam Ericksen finds a contradiction between Trump's expression of empathy for the victims of the gas attack and his administration's refusal to admit Syrian refugees. Nevertheless, he cautions progressives not to shame President Trump, but to instead hold him accountable to his claims of empathy in order to persuade him to open the United States to the "beautiful Syrian babies" and their families.

Angry, Desperate, Rejected

50 years after Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s "Beyond Vietnam" speech, the desperate, angry, rejected people suffering from wars multiply as the United States undermines peace around the world. Yet with the Afghan Peace Volunteers, Kathy Kelly has found women and men working for peace in the midst of near-hopelessness. Their story should inspire the same tireless effort for peace in all of us.

Caligula With Orange Hair

Donald Trump's naked belligerence may just be what America needs to unmask the horrors our militarism, Robert Koehler suggests. "Suddenly the U.S. president is Julius Caesar (or maybe Caligula) with orange hair... so blatant blatant he awakes the snoozing American conscience. And the awareness and the anger stirred into being become a movement... a deep and profound cry for atonement..."

How Many Civilians Can We Kill?

While President Trump has relaxed rules of military engagement designed to limit civilian casualties, U.S. military commanders insist that they continue to take the same precautions to avoid loss of innocent life. Meanwhile, Robert Koehler asks, "How is it possible for human life to be measured and weighed in the same moral framework as abstract strategic calculation?"

The Budget of Death: This Is What the Cost of War Looks Like

The budget proposal from the Trump administration sacrifices the welfare of the citizenry to the machinery of war, but this is nothing new. We have been traveling down the path of war for a long time, and it's taking its toll. Lindsey Paris-Lopez hopes that we can all come to recognize that this is what the cost of war looks like, and start investing in building each other up before it's too late.