The Right To Bear Courage

Robert Koehler explains how the right to bear arms amounts to right of weapons manufacturers and lobbyists to make money and ultimately erodes the right of citizens to live in safety. "This is the right to bear arms. You might call it the right to be afraid — afraid of regulation, afraid of consequences. The enemy is everywhere. But there are other ways to live."

What’s At Stake

In Russia, Kathy Kelly and the peace delegation to which she belongs talk to university students who believe that a future free of aggression and nuclear threats begins with youth of different nations coming together with a mutual, cooperative goal of peace and abolition of nuclear weapons.
Sharon Tennison

Why Go To Russia?

Inspired by Sharon Tennison's commitment to avert crises by building positive relations between the people of the United States and Russia, Kathy Kelly joins a citizens' delegation in Moscow focused on resolving disputes nonviolently, averting war and dismantling nuclear arsenals.
Orlando Shooting

Mass Karma

"Under official circumstances, we glorify [Omar Mateen's] behavior," Robert Koehler says. "And this glory permeates the American social structure, creating a sort of standing permission for every troubled individual – every potential army of one – to wage war against a self-perceived wrong."