Drumming for Planet Earth

Robert Koehler was inspired by the drum ceremony at the 2017 Climate March. "The world is in a fragile, dangerous place. We need to create peace, fairness and sustainability. ... But the sound of the drums ... added a dimension beyond science, beyond law and policy: a spiritual dimension, a sense of and a cry for wholeness."

The Shame of Killing Innocent People

Peace activist Kathy Kelly argues that the United States should take responsibility for its role in aiding Saudi Arabia in the destruction of Yemen. But the U.S. Congress will only work to stop arming and providing intelligence to Saudi Arabia if the American people show that they care enough to exert political pressure.

A Public Plan for Peace

Robert Koehler fears that endless war has become so integral to American policy that it goes nearly unnoticed, institutionalized and framed by a compliant media. Trump's presidency, in its bellicose recklessness, may also be awakening the American public to the danger of perpetual war. But, "The resistance has to go deeper than Trump. At its center we need a public plan for peace."

The Mental Limits of War

This conventional American wisdom of war, Robert Koehler laments, "[doesn't] open the mind — certainly not to argument and debate — but, instead, quietly set[s] our collective mental limits. Either you bomb something or you do nothing. What do you not understand about that?"