Commander In Chief

Robert Koehler is not looking for a new "commander in chief," unless whoever it turns out to be is someone who will relinguish the military title and lead our nation out of its mindset of perpetual war. "The big hole in this democracy is not the candidates; it’s the bedrock, founding belief that the rest of the world is our potential enemy, that war with someone is always inevitable and only a strong military will keep us safe."

Nuclear Standoff

As the Marshall Islands loses its lawuit against nuclear nations, after decades of being used as a nuclear guinea pig, Robert Koehler sees far-reaching consequences for the planet. "We’ve reached the end of our ability to treat the planet, and much of its people, as disposable. Much of humanity knows this, but its leaders are refusing to listen. The human conscience is dismissed on a technicality."

Discovering a New World of Hope Through Repentance: On the Convergence of Indigenous Peoples’ Day and Yom Kippur Eve

As Indigenous Peoples' Day falls on the eve of Yom Kippur -- a day in which observant Jews repent of their sins against their fellow human beings -- Lindsey Paris-Lopez urges those of us who have "privileged" from Christopher Columbus's conquest to repent of the atrocities committed against Native Americans, and in that repentance discover a new world of hope.

Wanted: A President in Pursuit of Peace

While Democratic and Republican presidential candidates talk about protecting our nation through strengthening the military, Frances Fuller argues that we will never have peace if we only train for war. In addition to a Department of Defense, Frances advocates for a Department of Peace.

Stop the Killing

As war rages on in Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere, and the United States, even after mistakenly bombing Syrian soldiers, continues to justify its militarism in the name of peace, Robert Koehler echoes the simple but profound advice of President Jimmy Carter: "Stop the killing."