War Consciousness and the F-35

Contemplating the new F-35 fighter jet and the United States's determination to spend trillions of dollars creating war machines and finding enemies to fight, Robert Koehler asks, "What if we began waging peace against terrorism? That is to say, what if we began to recognize that understanding the enemy is what’s crucial, while thinking we can destroy what we fear is an illusion of monstrous proportions?

Human Rights Day: A Call to Care

On the eve of Human Rights Day, Kathy Kelly visits a refugee camp in Afghanistan. She reflects that U.S. security would be better achieved if we refocused our energy and resources toward " caring for and respecting the world's most needy, not through the rampages of war and destruction which has made the US the most feared country in the world."

From Standing Rock to World Peace

Lindsey Paris-Lopez finds profound hope in the ceremony of repentance and forgiveness at Standing Rock between the veterans and the Native Elders. When members our armed forces repent of the atrocities they have inflicted on others, they subvert our culture of violence from within. May repentance and forgiveness reach from Standing Rock to the ends of the earth.