Bureaucracy Vs. Humanity

Outraged over the treatment of 10-year-old Rosa Maria Hernandez, who was taken to a detention center after being released from treatment gall bladder surgery, Robert Koehler calls out the institutional racism and pleads for humanity to overcome the heartlessness of bureaucracy.

Orwell’s 1984: Rethinking Doublethink

While public discourse seems to have slid down the rabbit hole of “doublethink”, Orwell’s wonderful expression for deliberately forgetting what we know to be true so we can believe a lie, Suzanne Ross probes the production of 1984 by AstonRep Theatre Company to expose the doublethink underpinning notions of our own autonomy.

What Trump Got Right About Charlottesville

Donald Trump's right, Lindsey Paris-Lopez admits: Thomas Jefferson was a major slave owner. Thus, he's a good starting point for talking about the racism embedded in the United States and American hypocrisy when it comes to living into the best of our ideals. We could better live into our ideals of equality and justice by removing Confederate monuments and teaching real history.