Lincoln memorial

Lincoln on the Role of the President

"We look to the president to be our political savior. The founders’ understanding of the office was rather more modest." With help from Abraham Lincoln's words in defense of then-presidential candidate Zachary Taylor, Dr. Tracy McKenzie helps us see how our Founders envisioned a limited, executive role for the president.
Bernie Trump

Quiet War, Sleeping Nation

""What principals and values rule the world?" Robert Koehler is inspired by the movement and uplifting unity built upon this question, brought to life by the Sanders campaign. Whoever becomes the nominee, what will we do to make sure this question guides our vision and policies?

The New Enlightenment

Robert Koehler believes that a New Enlightenment is bubbling just beneath the surface this election season. "Social spending must be utterly redirected away from prisons and punishment, away from militarism and war, and toward the construction of real peace."