Conversation with Brian McLaren: Voting Christian Values – Seeking a Better Way

Brian McLaren, influential Christian author, speaker, and activist, joined us for a conversation about his latest book "The Great Spiritual Migration" and politics. Brian stated, "In the current political campaigns, the focus is so much on winning that we poison the whole system. We make it harder for anyone to govern when the election is over. We have to find a way to protest and disagree in a spirit of love."

Democracy, Violence and the Risk of Tyranny: An Interview with Prof. Paul Dumouchel

This Wednesday, October 12, at 7:00pm Central Time, Suzanne Ross will interview Dr. Paul Dumouchel on violence, tyrrany, and terrorism in the context of the 2016 election. "The global world is a world of global violence," Prof. Dumouchel warns, and we would be served well by recognizing the new challenges that face those working for peace and justice. Don't miss this pivotal conversation!

“America Is Great Because She Is Good” — Again

"America is great because she is good," may be smart politics, but it is poor history and can lead to dangerous theology and "badly muddle[d] thinking about democracy," Dr. Robert Tracy McKenzie warns... yet again. While it is clear Hillary Clinton did not hear Dr. McKenzie's wisdom between her acceptance speech and the second presidential debate, we may glean insights from it.

A Message to White America About How to Decide If You’ll See “The Birth of A Nation”

Whether or not "Birth of a Nation" actor and writer Nate Parker is guilty of rape or any crime or moral failing, he may still be scapegoated, Suzanne Ross explains. "If white America so easily condemns Parker for refusing to acknowledge his crime, yet we continue to deny the ongoing legacy of racism and its effect on African-Americans, then it may be that we are guilty of the very thing we accuse Parker – perpetrating violence and denying our guilt."

Lessons from Hitler’s Rise to Power – An Interview with Dr. Robert Ericksen

How did the German people, including theologians and pastor, become complicit in the evil of Nazi Germany? And what can the United States learn from Hitler’s rise to power so that we don’t make the same mistakes? We explored those questions and more this recorded conversation with world renowned historian Dr. Robert Ericksen, Kurt Mayer Chair in Holocaust Studies Emeritus and Professor at Pacific Lutheran University.

The Debate: They Both Bombed It

Donald Trump reduces the profundity of the world's problems to soundbites for the "Average Joe," while Hillary Clinton is the candidate of establishment militarism. Watching the first presidential debate, Robert Koehler laments that both candidates "bombed" because neither will stand for peace.