Lessons from Hitler’s Rise to Power – An Interview with Dr. Robert Ericksen

How did the German people, including theologians and pastor, become complicit in the evil of Nazi Germany? And what can the United States learn from Hitler’s rise to power so that we don’t make the same mistakes? We explored those questions and more this recorded conversation with world renowned historian Dr. Robert Ericksen, Kurt Mayer Chair in Holocaust Studies Emeritus and Professor at Pacific Lutheran University.

The Debate: They Both Bombed It

Donald Trump reduces the profundity of the world's problems to soundbites for the "Average Joe," while Hillary Clinton is the candidate of establishment militarism. Watching the first presidential debate, Robert Koehler laments that both candidates "bombed" because neither will stand for peace.

Hillary Clinton: How to Be “Deplorable”

While the fact that Donald Trump's open bigotry resonates with and energizes a segment of the American population is indeed reprehensible, Hillary Clinton's gross generalization throwing half of his supporters into the same "basket of deplorables" is in itself deplorable, Adam Ericksen asserts. "It's a case of classic scapegoating."

Conning Racism: Reflections on “The Black Slot”

"If you pander to racists, are you a racist?" "If you fall in love with a liar, is the love true or false?" How do we deal with issues of denial and self-deception, especially if we don't know or can't admit that we are deceived? Suzanne Ross explore these questions in the post-show discussion for "The Black Slot" at AstonRep Theater on September 18th.

On Academic Freedom and “Safe Spaces”

Reflecting on Brown University President Christina Paxson's Labor Day editorial suggesting that academic freedom can exist unfettered within "safe spaces," Dr. Tracy McKenzie presents a dissenting point of view. He offers the concept of "Christian hospitality" as a better metaphor for the interconnection of affirmation and challenge that are the hallmarks of an ideal classroom.

War Vs. Democracy

This election season, marred by suppression of third party candidates, hackable voting machines, and the gutting of the Voting Rights Act,, has Robert Koehler lamenting that the Powers that Be have sacrificed democracy at home for endless war abroad.