Donald Trump and Andrew Jackson

Last summer, Dr. Tracy McKenzie wrote, "In [Andrew Jackson's] elevation to the presidency almost two hundred years ago, we see a foreshadowing of the emotional, frequently irrational politics of 2016. And in Jackson, we see the combination of reckless, anti-intellectual, populist bravado that the current “presumptive nominee” of the Republican Party has so wonderfully perfected." Now as president, Donald Trump has honored his populist predecessor on the occasion of his 250th birthday.

The Moment of the Fool

"I saw a deck of Tarot cards, and there was Donald Trump as the Fool... the card that prophecies, in short, CHANGE." Robert Koehler sees a possibility for real, positive change for peace in the awakening of the people that has come about through the overt and unmistakable militarism and brash recklessness of President Donald Trump.

A Crisis of Relevance

New DNC Chairman Tom Perez claims that the Democratic Party is facing a "crisis of relevance." Robert Koehler knows why. "The Democrats’ crisis of relevance is grounded in the party’s absolute acquiescence during the Obama years to the war on terror, and the only way for the party to reclaim power and credibility is to stand up to its own moral shortcomings, not just those of George Bush and Donald Trump."

Creating Enemies, Creating Hell

"And finally it comes down to this: When you create enemies, you create hell." For all the shocking, bombastic style of the new administration, Robert Koehler is most disheartened by the continuing enmity at the heart of U.S. policy. Creating governing structures that reject the enmity and blame that lead to war are a bigger task than defeating Trump.