Here guest authors submit articles that employ mimetic theory for understanding life. From religion to relationships, politics to pop culture, the applications of mimetic theory are endless. The human capacity for imitating and learning behaviors and desires through one another is at the root of the contagion of violence and the cure of empathy.

Jesus as True North – Part 4

"It doesn't take a particular special inner quality to be part of the crowd. But it does take something to stand against one. Jesus had that quality," Dr. Chezeray M. Moore affirms. Dr. Moore powerfully illustrates a time in his life when he followed Jesus away from the fundamentalist crowd at his church in order to show love to a friend.

Emmaus and Eucharist

Your Voice author Dr. Chezeray M. Moore continues to explain his conversion to a "Jesus-as-forgiving-victim" hermeneutic. "I surrendered my inner need to be able to put my finger on a verse of scripture and declare its literal and fundamental reading as my warrant of authority. ... And I embraced the idea of seeing scripture as a story about victims, not conquerors. A broken Jesus."

Love Is Resistance

1st Corinthians 13 is not just for Hallmark cards, Your Voice author Samuel Son claims. It is a declaration of resistance. "Saint Paul, the birther of this poem, is resistant-par-excellence. Because for Paul, a Christian is a resistant of love."