The Bible tells two different stories about the kings of Israel. Pastor Adam sees the importance of critiques of leaders like King David.

On Pentecost, Lindsey Paris-Lopez and Adam Ericksen celebrate fire and judgment in a good way, the way of redemptive love.

When a nation fails to follow Leviticus 19:34, they should be critiqued. Israel’s the oppression of Palestinians must stop.

In the world, but not of it leaves many wondering what does that mean? Adam and Lindsey offer their understanding.

Pastor Adam answers the question how was the Bible formed by first debunking the DaVinci code conspiracy theory about the Council of Nicaea.

Forget the word command when Jesus tells us to love one another say Adam and Lindsey. Understand Jesus empowers us to love.

Pastor Adam’s guest, former police officer Micheal Garcia, discusses policing in the US and its need for accountability and better training.

Adam and Lindsey believe we must bring a new understanding of shepherding and policing to begin the transforming of injustice and racism.

Pastor Adam plumbs the depths of Gareth Higgins new book “How Not To Be Afraid” which wisely offers both practices and storytelling.

On Easter evening, when Jesus breaks in to the room where the disciples gather in fear, he offers them peace and forgiveness, then eats fish.