Matthew Distefano is the author of All Set Free: How God is Revealed in Jesus and Why that is Really Good News, From the Blood of Abel: Humanity’s Root Causes of Violence and the Bible’s Theological-Anthropological Solution and, with Michael Machuga, A Journey with Two Mystics: Conversations between a Girardian and a Wattsian. He is an advocate for global peace. Matthew is married, with one daughter. He enjoys soccer and being outdoors.

Adam Ericksen, Education Director at the Raven Foundation, is a writer and frequent speaker at conferences and churches. His articles have been featured in Time Magazine and Sojourners. Adam recently delivered the Baccalaureate Address at his alma mater, Linfield College. In his writings, Adam explores the intersections of mimetic theory, current events, religion, and popular culture.

Robert Koehler is a nationally recognized award-winning journalist, fiction writer and poet whose essays and columns have appeared in numerous newspapers and magazines and on public radio and the Internet. Robert Koehler has won numerous writing and journalism awards over a 30-year career, at the national, state and local levels. He is currently a regular contributor to such high-profile Web sites as the Huffington Post, Common Dreams, OpEd News and TruthOut; and is a sought-after speaker on such topics as election fraud and the nature of peace. Eschewing political labels, he considers himself a “peace journalist.”.

Lindsey Paris-Lopez has a BA in English from Hollins University and an MA in Islamic Studies and Christian-Muslim Relations from Hartford Seminary. Her Master’s Thesis is entitled, “Blessing Israel and Palestine: A Loving Response to Christian Zionism.” A full-time mother, Lindsey finds herself learning as much about mimetic theory from her two young daughters as she does from Girardian scholars!

Wheaton University Professor Tracy McKenzie is Chairman of the History Department. For most of his professional career, his research has focused on the effects of the American Civil War on the economy and society of the Upper South. Recently he has turned his attention to the ways in which American evangelicals have remembered their national heritage; toward that end, he has recently written a book on memory of the First Thanksgiving. The First Thanksgiving: What the Real Story Tells Us about Loving God and Learning from History was published in October, 2013 by Intervarsity Press. Professor McKenzie blogs about Christian faith and American History.

Suzanne Ross is a co-founder of the Raven Foundation and the author of two books: The Wicked Truth: When Good People Do Bad Things and The Wicked Truth About Love: The Tangles of Desire. Suzanne is a certified Montessori pre-school teacher, a curriculum designer and workshop leader, and a former director of Christian Education at her UCC church. Her blogs also appear at Patheos and Sojourners.