Introducing the second video in our Mimetic Invitation Series: “Dance Mimetic.”

In the first video, we explored the human “gravity” known as mimetic desire. In the second video, we continue to dive deeper into René Girard’s world-changing discovery in a way that transcends words: through dance.

As you watch, ask yourself, “What do I feel?” Sometimes impressions of the heart can illuminate truth in a way our thoughts cannot.

The time has come for us to forgive one another. If we wait any longer there will not be time enough. – René Girard

Choreographed and  Performed by Ariel Clarke.
Featuring Emmaline Weedman.
Cinematography by John Paul Summers.
Produced, Directed, & Edited by William Price, III.
Gaffer and 1st AC: Sam Sorich.
Grips: Michael Sorich and Peter Sorich.
Music: “Follow Me (Chase Weber Remix)” by Ike Ndolo.
VFX by William Price, III.

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