Do you have to be religious to be saved?

We need a religionless Christianity that takes Jesus seriously.


In this episode, Pastor Adam Ericksen answers the question, “Do you have to be religious to be saved?” Religion often divides people rather than uniting them in love as Jesus commanded. As Hitler rose to power in Nazi Germany and was embraced by many religious leaders, Dietrich Bonhoeffer  said we need a religionless Christianity, a Christianity that does not divide people. To better understand Bonhoeffer’s plea, read Theologians Under Hitler by Robert Ericksen which examines the work and attitudes of three distinguished, scholarly, and influential theologians who greeted the rise of Hitler with enthusiasm and support.

Often we think heaven and hell as future occurrences, but Jesus points out the Kingdom of God is among us, which means heaven and hell are among us in the present. We need a religionless Christianity that takes Jesus seriously.


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