Evangelicalism and Satanism (with John Morehead)

The Satanic Temple challenges Christian privilege in the public square in the name of religious freedom.


This episode of “One Question with Pastor Adam” features a special guest John Morehead, Director of the Evangelical Chapter for Religious Diplomacy, discussing multi-faith engagement, evangelicalism, and satanism.

Adam explains his introduction to Satanism began when his TikTok posts received positive comments and support from a group of Satanists. This engagement piqued his curiosity.

John began his career in religious diplomacy after observing how dismissive scholars and some religious leaders were of other religions and religious sects. His dialogue with Satanism began with an appearance on the podcast Sacred Tension, hosted by former evangelical and Satanist Stephen Bradford Long. As their conversation continued, Stephen began asking John about his view of exvangelicals. This conversation has led to John’s continued visits on the Sacred Tension podcast and a proposal to co-author a book together.

John has been able to deconstruct the stereotypes of Satanists by being willing to allow Satanists to define themselves. Most Satanists are atheists, who do not believe in Satan as portrayed in Scripture. They look at Satan as an inspiring literary figure who rebels against injustice. The Satanic Temple challenges Christian privilege in the public square in the name of religious freedom. He invites Christians to set aside their preconceived notions and listen to Satanists.

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