The Beloved Community

Martin Luther King’s Hope: The Beloved Community

Adam Ericksen highlights Martin Luther King Jr.'s vision of the beloved community which is anchored in the love and nonviolence of Jesus.

All Flesh Shall See Salvation

All Flesh Shall See Salvation

Pastor Adam Ericksen ponders the Advent peace candle, its message that all flesh shall see salvation, and our current reality.

Why It’s Okay To Pray for Yourself

Why It’s Okay To Pray for Yourself

Adam Ericksen explains why it’s okay to pray for yourself and, if you're a fan like he is, the Portland Trailblazers.

Why I Support Satanism

Why This Pastor Supports Satanists

After encountering a Satanist Uber driver and getting support from Satanist TikTokers, Adam Ericksen sees Satanism in a new light.


Is the bible worth keeping with Leo Welters Tejera

Is the Bible Worth Keeping with Leo Wolters Tejera

Pastor Adams joins Leo Wolters Tejera for a lively discussion that questions if the Bible is worth keeping.

Is the Bible Fact or Fiction?

Is The Bible Fact or Fiction?

People often ask Pastor Adam if the Bible is fact or fiction. Pastor Adam explains the Bible is written in response to historical events.