Abram's Blessing and the Subversion of Scapegoating

Abram’s Blessing and the Subversion of Scapegoating (Genesis 12-13; 20)

Lindsey Paris-Lopez delves into how Abram's blessing from God began with the subversion of scapegoating and rivalry.

Scattered From Sacrifice The Tower of Babel

Scattered From Sacrifice: The Tower of Babel (Genesis 11)

The destruction of the Tower of Babel was not an act of rivalry by God, but a scattering from ritual sacrifice explains Lindsey Paris-Lopez.

A Flood of Violence

A Flood of Violence (Genesis 5-9)

God's destruction of the world by flood is not a tale of God's vengeance explains Lindsey Paris-Lopez, but a flood of human violence.

blame jealousy murder

Blame, Jealousy, Murder… Oh My! (Genesis 3-4)

In Genesis 3 and 4, the world created as good experiences blame, jealousy, and murder, "Oh, my!" Lindsey Paris-Lopez exclaims then explains.


The joy of same sex marriage

The Joy of Same Sex Marriage

Pastor Adam shares the joy he shared in officiating a same sex marriage and welcomes recent comments on homosexuality by Pope Francis.

Is the bible worth keeping with Leo Welters Tejera

Is the Bible Worth Keeping with Leo Wolters Tejera

Pastor Adams joins Leo Wolters Tejera for a lively discussion that questions if the Bible is worth keeping.