If God is good, why do bad things happen?

Adam has unlearned everything happens for a reason because God makes it so.


In this episode, Pastor Adam Ericksen answers the question, “If God is good, why do bad things happen?” Adam believes bad things happen in this world and it sucks. One of the bad theology ideas Adam has unlearned is everything happens for a reason because God makes it so. Theologian R. C. Sproul states God has to be in control of everything, down to the tiniest molecule, because God is sovereign. Adam believes God set up the world and the ongoingness of creation suggests things happen, horrific things as well as good things.

Adam tells some of his experiences as a hospital chaplain where he was with people who experienced terrible tragedies. God is with us in these tragedies. He is with us in our pain and sorrow. In the Book of Job, Job protests against the reasons his friends for give his suffering. When God visits Job, he agrees there was no reason for the suffering.

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