Interview with Raven Award Winner, Film Director Andrew Ahn

Andrew Ahn’s film “Driveways” observes a group of diverse individuals coming together to form community in a time when so many feel divided. His kindly portrayal of their struggles, regrets, and kindnesses has earned the 2020 Raven Award and we are thrilled!

“Driveways” is available for viewing on several popular platforms:

In June, Pastor Adam Ericksen hosted an online discussion with Andrw Ahn, exploring the themes of the film. Watch and read a transcript of the discussion below!

… Ahn has made the kind of movie that has the power to control your pulse …

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About Driveways

The film stars Hong Chau as a single mother tasked with packing up her hoarder sister’s house after her death. Meanwhile, her shy son Cody (Lucas Jaye) comes out of his shell through a friendship with an older neighbor, played by the late, great Brian Dennehy in one of his final film roles.

For more background on the film and a behind-the-scenes perspective from Andrew Ahn, please check out this article from Indie Wire, “How Andrew Ahn Turned ‘Driveways’ Into a Nuanced Portrait of Asian American Family.”

About the Raven Award

The Raven Award is given annually to an artist whose work exemplifies the extraordinary capacity of the arts and entertainment to soften hearts and shift our thinking about ourselves, our relationships, and the things that make for peace. 

Our winners come from a wide range of genres including stage, screen, fiction, music, memoir, and the visual arts. To paraphrase the brilliant lyric from 2011 winner Stephen Schwartz, as we encounter the work of these exemplary artists we find ourselves being changed for good. Click here to view past Raven Award winners.