Lindsey and Adam discuss their personal stories about Islam. Lindsey tells her story of growing up a Christian, converting to Islam, and converting back to Christianity. Adam tells his story of becoming “brothers” with a Muslim from Bangladesh.

Then Lindsey and Adam explore these questions previously submitted:

1. What do you view as the most important commonality and the most important difference between Christianity and Islam?

2. What do you think are the main reasons that people from both faiths feel threatened by the other faith?

3. How do Muslims view Jesus and the resurrection story?

4. How do Christians look to American Muslims who don’t really know us?

5. What are the commonalities and differences in worship? What it means? How it’s done?

6. What might mimetic theory offer to Muhammad’s violence?

7. Can we be respectful of Islam without seeing Muhammad as a messianic figure like Jesus?

8. The insight that turns the Judeo-Christian tradition in the right direction is that God is typically on the side of the victim, the side of the socially Other. Is there an analogous insight within the Islamic tradition?