Kevin Miller on Hell, Universal Salvation, and Mimetic Theory – Trailer Video

Does hell exist? What about universal salvation? Is God the Cosmic Scapegoater?

Below is the first part of a conversation from our archives with Kevin Miller about hell, evil, and universal salvation. Kevin is the star and producer of the documentary Hellbound?, and the editor of the book Hellrazed? It’s a great discussion about hell, evil, and universal salvation. To watch the full video, subscribe to the Raven Review. Subscription is free and you will gain full access to this video and others that explore mimetic theory.

Hell. The concept has come under fire. Fortunately, Kevin Miller is here to put out the flames.

Kevin stars in and directs the critically important documentary Hellbound?, where he interviews a diverse group of pastors, theologians, social commentators, and musicians. Kevin blogs at his excellent website, Hellbound?: Exploring Faith and Film, Good and Evil.

In this interview, Kevin brilliantly expands on many of the themes of Hellbound? and explores hell from the perspective of mimetic theory.

An engaging and thoughtful theologian, Kevin clearly reveals why the discussion about hell matters to our world today. Some highlights of this interview are:

  • Does “hell” make God into the Ultimate Scapegoater?
  • What about the Atonement? Does Christ become a victim to end all victim making, even victims of hell?
  • What is the connection between God and violence?
  • Can Christians believe in universal salvation?
  • Does “free will” exist?
  • What kind of a world are we creating with the theology that we hold?
  • Does God create hell, or do humans create hell for one another?
  • What about the scales of justice? Doesn’t someone have to pay the price for justice?
  • Is this conversation really about the fact that Christians worship different gods? Is one a sacrificial god and the other a nonsacrificial god?

The Hellbound? DVD can be purchased here.

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