Machiavellian Politics vs. The Politics of Christ

One of the key methods Machiavelli recommended was to scapegoat and accuse the other.


In this episode, Pastor Adam Ericksen explores “Machiavellian Politics vs. The Politics of Christ.” Machiavelli‘s most famous book, The Prince, recommends political leaders commit acts of brutality, murder and deception to maintain power. One of the key methods Machiavelli recommended was to scapegoat and accuse the other.

Machiavelli did understand he was rejecting the way of Christ in choosing this path. He knew who Christ was, but rejected Christ. Current politicians use Machiavellian methods without every acknowledging they are not following the politics of Christ. In fact, they wrap themselves in the cloak of Christianity for political advantage. Adam advises against mirroring this behavior and cites examples of previous political leaders who maintained their integrity by not scapegoating and accepting responsibility for their actions.

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