Mimetic Theory 101

Session 1 – Keeping Up With the Joneses

Where do our desires come from? How do our desires lead us into conflict and violence with others?

Session 2 – How I Scapegoated the Joneses

Adam discusses the second aspect of mimetic theory: the scapegoating mechanism.

Has anyone ever scapegoated you? What happened?

Session 3 – A Floody Floody

Do you agree that the “Judahite” flood Story is a critique of the image of the violent god in the Babylonian flood Myth? Why or why not?

Session 4 – Shakespeare

Adam discusses the relationship between mimetic theory and Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar.

Session 5 – The Politics of Forgiveness

What high school government can teach us about the importance of forgiveness.

Session 6 – The Bible, Theology and… Sex?

What do the Bible and theology have to say about sex?

Session 7 – Competition and Rivalry

Exploring how culture tends to breed competition, rivalry, and scarcity. How might individuals be transformed? How might culture be transformed?

Session 8 – What’s Mimetic Theory? A Reply to a Friend

A friend on facebook asked about Rene Girard and Scapegoat Theology. Here’s my response. Is it helpful?