New Subscriber Extras Starting September 17!

To thank our subscribers for your commitment to our site, we are launching an exciting new feature: Beginning Monday, September 17, subscribers will have access to exclusive content created just for you.

As all visitors to our site know, our blogs, videos and interviews provide timely, insightful commentary informed by the biggest idea to hit the behavioral sciences in the last fifty years, the mimetic theory of René Girard. We know that our subscribers are committed to seeking new and better ways to resolve conflict, bridge the partisan divide, and create sustainable peace. So we are excited to be offering subscribers these exclusive extras: interviews with international experts applying mimetic theory to help us navigate the scandals, partisanship, violence and scapegoating that trouble our world today.

Subscribers will be able to join the interviews live and have unlimited access to the recordings. Beginning next week on our Subscriber Extras page you will find these interviews:

Truth, Lies, and Political Scapegoating: an introduction to mimetic theory with Hanna Makela

Voting Christian Values with Brian McLaren

Am I a Racist? with Melvin Bray

Disgust, Outrage and Donald Trump with Martie Reineke

God in the Koran: a discussion with Jack Miles about his upcoming book

Belonging and Identity in the Age of Trump with James Alison

The next live interview is scheduled for Wednesday, Sept. 19 with James Alison, Catholic priest and theologian, to discuss the clergy abuse scandal and Pope Francis’ response.

If you are not already a subscriber, you have to ask yourself why not! There is no subscription fee and we never do fundraising appeals, so the only emails you will receive from us are about new content and upcoming events.

If you are already a subscriber, we really do hope that you will enjoy this new content just for you. But don’t keep it all to yourself! Please invite your friends to join you as a subscriber. We are sure they will thank you for directing them to an ad-free site that values deep thinking and respectful dialogue.

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