Pac-Man: The Movie

“A twisted tale of four ghosts trapped in a maze while being stalked by a giant yellow monster.”

Such is the description for the best video I’ve seen on youtube. Apparently, others agree. Pac-Man: The Movie has been receiving about 10,000 views a day. It just broke a million views. This video has it all. It’s entertaining, funny, creative, and suspenseful. But it’s also courageous. I mean, it tells the story few of us want to hear: the story of our enemies. The amazing thing about this movie is that it tells the story of the ghosts – and that is a story that I don’t want to hear. If there is one thing I have never questioned about the Pac-Man legend, it is the goodness of Pac-Man and the evil of the monsters. But, after seeing this video, I have to question that assumption.   Like one of the commentators on youtube wrote, “My view of pac-man has completely changed because of this video.” So, what happens when we take the tale about the ghosts seriously? What happens when we listened to the story of our enemies? What if, when we listen to our enemies, we discovered they were just as weak, confused, and scared as these ghosts? What if we are actually like Pac-Man, irrationally believing in the justification of our violence because of misplaced belief that violence can be good? And what if, as the end of the movie suggests, we continue to use violence and we all end up dead? Indeed, my view of the world has changed because of others who have had the courage to listen to the stories our “enemies.” What’s the solution to the violence in our world? The creators of this movie have given us a good start in finding the answer to that question. Hopefully the millions who have viewed this movie will be influenced by it to listen to the voice of their enemies. One more question: Who is another “bad guy” or “villain” from a video game, movie, television show, or book that needs his or her story told?

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