Politics Makes Strange Bedfellows: A Church Lady Weathers the Stormy

For reason political, not prurient,
I viewed the breasts luxuriant
Of a porn star well noted
For her attorney’s full-throated
Claims against the American President.

Stormy Daniels blew into town
Capitalizing on national renown
Performing au naturel
At the Club Admiral,
Adding one more jewel to her crown.

A girlfriend said, “Come on, let’s go!
This really could be quite a show.”
So we four ladies sat
On a lumpy banquette
Waiting to see this porn pro.

And waited and waited we did
Watching young women looking like kids
Writhing and splayed
On the dimly lit stage
Showing off all of their “naughty bits”.

When finally Stormy blew in
With a sex ed class she did begin
Her male student enacted
Sex acts protracted
With an inflated doll to my chagrin.

Her next set brought her closer
To the many males who adore her,
Surrounding the stage eager to fill
Her g-string with a crisp dollar bill
Then nuzzle her breasts, which was grosser.

The finale moved to a climax
As she covered herself in a wax
Fans hooted and hollered
Applying their dollars
To any spot on her bod, front or back.

Daniels’ fifteen minutes on stage
Matches Warhol’s prediction of fame,
But as her music did thump
I thought she’s like Trump
Living her life without shame.

Trump and Daniels both incite desire,
Making the people aspire,
To reach for celebrity
Even unethically,
Leaving country and culture afire.

With these models, how do we begin
To reclaim a more civilized spin,
Where money, power, and fame
Aren’t all we strive to claim?
Perhaps reclaiming the concept of sin.

Image: Screenshot from Youtube: “Stormy Daniels to play 4 shows at str ip joint in Chicago after dispute with club owner,” by News Media.

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