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The RavenCast interview series challenge “us vs. them” thinking with new perspectives on the issues that divide us. Hear from knowledgeable guests and join live with your questions and comments. Can’t join live? Watch or listen to the recordings at your convenience. In this RavenCast, the Rev. Adam Ericksen mixes things up with a sermon he preached at Lake Oswego United Church of Christ. Adam became Jeremiah by dressing in an ancient prophetic costume to deliver a message for today. You can listen to the sermon by clicking on the MP3 above, or you can watch the sermon below. 

The prophet Jeremiah spoke out against the rulers of his day. The kings of Judah and his people neglected to care for the poor, the weak, and the sick. They also exploited the poor to give more money to the rich. Jeremiah hated that the rulers didn’t care for the immigrant in their midst.

But Jeremiah did more than speak against the rulers. He spoke for a better world. He spoke for God’s vision where rulers cared for those in need. Jeremiah warned that if the rulers continued to neglect God’s desire for justice, that the nation would fall to the Babylonian Empire. Jeremiah spoke words of doom, but Jeremiah also spoke words of hope, if only the rulers would change their oppressive ways.

Listen to the MP3 or watch the video above to hear more about the life and times of the prophet Jeremiah.

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