Raven Foundation Tenth Anniversary Contest – First Place – Camaryn Mie Yokota

As part of the observance of our 10th Anniversary the Raven Foundation partnered with the Colloquium on Violence and Religion (COV&R) to sponsor a Contest for undergraduates. Professors participated by assigning their students to create artistic expressions of mimetic theory as it applies to their field of study.

Students were asked to respond artistically to this observation from René Girard, the founder of mimetic theory studies: “We are ready to deconstruct anything except the idea that we are self-directed and that the persecutors are always the others.” (Evolution and Conversion, 11) Submissions were judged on their depth of knowledge of mimetic theory as well as their skill and artistry in their chosen medium.

The first place winner is Camaryn Mie Yokota, student of Jeremiah Alberg at International Christian University in Mikata, Japan, for her stop action video.


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