Raven Voices: Anger, Safety, & Healing

Healing professionals Elena Dominguez, Dr. Jake Hyde, Christina Lafferty-Neal, Arielle Neal, and Tia Norman discuss the nature of anger, its purpose, its many faces, and how to heal it in a conversation with filmmaker William Price, III.

… emotions are primarily based on the physiology of our body

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Anger, Safety, & Healing: A Conversation with Healing Professionals


Featuring Elena Dominguez, Dr. Jake Hyde, Christina Lafferty-Neal, Arielle Neal, & Tia Norman

Elena Dominguez: My name is Elena Dominguez and I am a somatic teacher, which basically means I help people befriend their bodies, and befriend their nervous systems, and learn how to navigate different nervous system states. So I’m particularly interested in helping people to get out of kind of the chronic fight or flight state that most people get stuck in which anger is a big part of.

Christiana Lafferty-Neal: I’m Christina Lafferty Neil. I’m a licensed mental health therapist in Nashville, Tennessee. I work with adults who are experiencing high amounts of anxiety, and I learned to help them get back into their body, learn about their nervous systems, and create healthy relationships. I also do somatic and attachment-focused trauma work through EMDR.

Arielle Neal: And I’m Arielle Neal. I am a social worker and a coach. And along with Christina, we teach a course on how to get unstuck from those repeating behavior patterns that keep you from going after what you most want in life. And so we do that using a combination of the enneagram, where we’re leveraging it as a tool for growth, and teaching about nervous system regulation.

Jake Hyde: My name is Dr. Jake Hyde. I am a doctor of chiropractic medicine. My main interests are in health education, but I have specialties in the functional movement of the body as well as nutrition and energy psychology.

Tia Norman: So my name is Tia Norman. And right now the way that I show up in the world and serve is through guiding people through spiritual practice and as a pastor. What I’m really, really passionate about and fascinated by is the contemplative dimension of the gospel. So contemplative spirituality, mysticism, and the practices that come along with it are really like things that I feel very intrigued by and passionate about and intentionally share with others.

What is Anger Really For?

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