The RavenCast: Dr. Martha Reineke on Disgust, Outrage, and Politics

I don’t think we can underestimate the potential of individuals, small community gestures of hospitality as a way of breaking through the powers of disgust.

-Dr. Martha Reineke

Are you disgusted and outraged by American politics?

In this episode of the RavenCast, Martie Reineke explains the psychology of disgust and outrage to help us navigate these emotions. She also provides suggestions for how to neutralize disgust in ways that can foster better politics in our nation and in the world.

Martie Reineke is Professor of Religion at Norther Iowa University. Her most recent book is titled, Intimate Domain: Desire, Trauma, and Mimetic Theory.

Show Notes:

  • Martie discusses what she finds compelling about mimetic theory.
  • Mimetic theory helps us understand family life and dynamics at a much deeper level.
  • The politics of disgust and outrage are driving many of us in the era of the Trump presidency. What is good about disgust and outrage, and what is problematic?
  • Martie talks about Richard Beck’s book Unclean and how it helps us understand disgust and hospitality as a solutions to violence.
  • Martha Nussbaum’s book Anger and Forgiveness helps us understand “transition anger” as useful term to transform outrage into productive action.
  • These tools give us hope that “violence can be exchanged for forgiveness and hospitality.”

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