The RavenCast with Erik Buys – Christian Provocation – Jesus, Donald Trump, and You

I recently sat down with Erik Buys to discuss his upcoming book, Not Peace but the Sword: A Christian Provocation in Times of Facebook, ISIS, and Refugee Crises. Erik is a high school religious studies teacher at a Jesuit school in Belgium. He also writes at his website Mimetic Margins, a must read for anyone interested in mimetic theory. We discussed three of Erik’s article: “Jesus Christ, Narcissist?,” “Letter to a Non-Christian Nation,” and “The Trump Reflex.” You can listen to the MP3 of this conversation above, or watch the video below.

Here are a few topics we discussed:

The logic and the scandal of Jesus are both provocative.

If you call yourself a “Christian nation” but you exclude refugees, then you aren’t a Christian nation.

You have more in common with your enemy than you think.

Narcissism. Like, was Jesus a narcissist?

The Gerasene Demoniac and our need for common enemies.

How, in the 19th century, Nietzsche explained the motivation of ISIS warriors. Whoa … Nietzsche was brilliant.

The real miracle of Jesus is not that he can manipulate nature and natural forces. The real miracle is that he is concerned about people who do not belong to the group. All any of us want is to belong. Well, with Jesus, you have a place at the table. You belong. But so does your enemy … That could be awkward … So, where are you going to sit?

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  1. Louis Brodnik
    Louis Brodnik says:

    Exciting discussion… and I therefore appreciate the resulting calm from the happy coincidence that English as a second language slows your interview down just enough for me. You both do that very well. Thx.


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