The RavenCast: Lectionary Edition – Jesus, Women, and Water

What does the Bible have to do with Standing Rock? How can it heal the deep divides that threaten our country and our world?

Lindsey Paris-Lopez joined me to discuss these questions and more in the latest lectionary edition of the RavenCast. We explore Exodus 17:1-7 and the Gospel of John 4:5-42. Some topics we explore:

From Exodus:

  • Complaining as an act of prayer.
  • The Biblical importance of water in connection to Standing Rock and Jordan.
  • Does God take sides in our rivalries?
  • How to remain attentive to our real problems, without becoming distracted by scapegoating.

From John:

  • Jesus overcomes a hostile “us versus them” mentality and models the way of compassion for all people, including those we call our enemies.
  • Jesus bridged the divide between Jews and Samaritans, and the divide between men and women.
  • The first person to proclaim the good news of Jesus to a Gentile population was a Samaritan woman. Jesus knew women could preach.
  • Eternal life is not primarily about what happens after we die, but about healing our relationships now.

What do you think about these stories? Let us know in the comment section below!

Editor’s Note: You may be wondering why Lindsey Paris-Lopez is wearing a hijab. For the season of Lent, she is wearing it in solidarity with her Muslim sisters and brothers. She explains in more detail here.

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