The RavenCast: Mimetic Theory, Post-Truth, and Trump’s Cabinet

How can we tell the truth from a lie in a “post-truth” world? Have we always lived in a post-truth world?

Donald Trump’s spokeswoman Kellyanne Conway recently said that we should judge Trump not by what he says, but by what’s in his heart. Is that an example of “post-truth”? And what are we to make of this week’s hearings of Trump’s Cabinet?



Suzanne Ross and Adam Ericksen explore these question and how mimetic theory helps us understand “truth.” Maybe truth has been a victim since the beginning of the human species.

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  1. Tom Truby
    Tom Truby says:

    I like the clarity of this conversation and the idea that we have always lived in a post truth world. Truth is hard to stomach unless we know about profound forgiveness.


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