The RavenCast: Is the Truth Out There? Grant Kaplan, René Girard, and Fundamental Theology

“The truth is out there.” So believed Special Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully of the X-Files. But can we still believe in truth? Join Suzanne Ross and theologian Grant Kaplan as they discuss theology, René Girard, and truth.

Grant Kaplan is associate professor of theological studies at Saint Louis University. His latest book is titled René Girard, Unlikely Apologist.

Some Topics this Episode Explores

Do we live in a post truth world?

Are we living in a crisis of truth or a crisis of interpretation?

Christianity is an important guide through our crisis of interpretation.

What is fundamental theology?

Are faith and reason in opposition?

We all bring our own biases to interpreting the “truth” of any event. It’s important to know and be upfront about our biases as best we can.

Mimetic theory and Christian conversion claim that it’s not just the “other” who scapegoat. Conversion is about seeing that I am part of the problem.

Is mimetic theory explicitly Christian? Do other religions help us see the truth about the human condition?

How do we fight for justice without scapegoating the scapegoaters?

How do we get beyond a victim identity?

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