Reality Check with Prof. Paul Dumouchel – the Foreign Policy of Pres. Trump – Trailer

If Donald Trump’s foreign policy raises serious questions for you, this exclusive Raven ReView interview with political philosopher, Professor Paul Dumouchel is for you. Professor Dumouchel is a well-respected, innovative thinker using the insights of mimetic theory to analyze the rivalry, scapegoating, and the risk of violence in international relationships. I met up with him this summer in Denver at the annual meeting of the Colloquium on Violence & Religion. The conference was titled “After Truth” and he delivered a superb keynote address, Conflict and Truth.

I asked Professor Dumouchel to sit down for an interview for the Raven ReView community, and here are some of the questions I was eager to ask:

What’s up with President Trump’s bromance with Vladimir Putin? 

Did Trump make a strategic mistake by meeting with North Korea’s Kim Jung Un? 

Are we better or worse off for pulling out of the Iran nuclear disarmament agreement?

Is Trump in a mimetic rivalry with Barack Obama?

You will be pleasantly surprised by Professor Dumouchel’s answers – he cuts through spin and political posturing like no one I know. I call my talks with him “reality checks” because that’s just what they are!

We are going to be talking with Professor Dumouchel on Nov. 28 for a post-election analysis of how the midterms may impact this administration’s foreign policy.

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Paul Dumouchel is Professor of philosophy at the Graduate School of Core Ethics and Frontier Sciences, Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto, Japan. He is co-author with Jean-Pierre Dupuy of L’Enfer des choses, René Girard et la logique de l’économie (Paris: Seuil, 1979) and author of Emotions essai sur le corps et le social (Paris: Les Empêcheurs de Penser en rond, 1999). He co-edited with Jean-Pierre Dupuy L’auto-organisation de la physique au politique (Paris: Seuil, 1983), edited Violence and Truth  (Stanford University Press, 1988), Nationalisme et multiculturalisme en Asie (Paris: L’Harmattan, 2010) and with Rieko Gotoh he co-edited Against Injustice: The New Economics of Amartya Sen (Cambridge University Press, 2009). His more recent books are Economia dell’invidia (Massa: Transeuropa, 2011), The Ambivalence of Scarcity and Other Essays (Michigan State University Press), and, with Reiko Gotoh, Social Bonds as Freedom (Berghahn Books). His recent book, The Barren Sacrifice: An Essay on Political Violence (Michigan State University Press)was first published as Le sacrifice inutile essai sur la violence politique (Paris: Flammarion, 2011). His latest book, published by Harvard University Press, is titled Living with Robots: Artificial Empathy and Philosophy of Mind was published in November 2017.

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