Welcome to our collection of resources designed for taking a deeper look into the implications and applications of mimetic theory. Here’s what you’ll find under each of the dropdown tabs:

Mimetic Theory 101: This video series by Adam Ericksen is a good companion to the FAQs. Together they provide a thorough introduction to the basic ideas of mimetic theory.

Meet René Girard: Here you’ll be introduced to the founder of mimetic theory, his career and the impact his life and work had on those who knew him.

Scapegoating: A short summary of how to recognize scapegoating.

Books: A reading list of important books in mimetic theory studies.

Papers: Applications of mimetic theory on a variety of topics, from biblical studies to hip hop.

Past Events: Interviews and lectures from Raven Foundation events.

Reviews: Book, movie and theater reviews from the point of view of mimetic theory.

Video Series: Videos on mimetic theory topics.

René et Girard Cartoons: Having fun with mimetic theory!