The 2016 Presidential election season was controversial, historic, and polarizing. Superficial conversations elbowed out in depth analysis of the big issues we face as a nation. To counter the lack of serious coverage in mainstream media, we chose six crucial topics and invited our favorite thinkers to join us for reasoned, thoughtful conversations that remain relevant long after the polls have closed.

We invite you to watch, listen to, or read the notes from these discussions. The recordings work well as discussion starters with small groups or to spark personal reflection.

At the Raven ReView our motto is, “Change your view. Change the world.” We believe that these conversations demonstrate fully how positive change begins with a change of perception. As Paul Dumouchel pointed out, the path of true freedom and authentic goodness “is not so much a question of what we believe or think. What matters is more how we see things. Seeing the effects of the actions of the United States at home and abroad is seeing, not thinking. See then ask yourself questions.

We invite you to engage with these issues as we allow ourselves to see who and what we have been blind to, and to ask the questions we have avoided for too long.

Lessons from Hitler’s Rise to Power with Robert Ericksen
“…all of the Christians who supported Hitler believed that God wanted them to be patriotic Germans and work for the strengthening of Germany within the world… they believed that the two most important things for a Christian are God and country.”

Am I a Racist? Confronting Our Blind Spots with Melvin Bray
“If you are a part of the (racist) system, and you participate in the privileging of yourself, or the unprivileging of others, whether intentionally or unintentionally, then that makes you a part of the system.”

Democracy, Violence and the Risk of Tyranny with Paul Dumouchel
“The solidarity we have is a solidarity of enmity, not a solidarity of friendship. The implosion of the Republican party under Trump is a very good example of the instant solidarity of enmity. It’s very interesting for someone in another country, but as an American it’s more that interesting in the context of the next president. But whoever the next president is has implications throughout the world. It’s an issue that concerns us all.”

Voting Christian Values: Seeking a Better Way with Brian McLaren
“How do we love people, especially out enemies, while calling out injustice? … Some activism in the past has tended to demonize our opponents and ascribe the worst possible motives to their actions. What would happen if we did the opposite? If we ascribed the best motives to those we disagree with? We give them every benefit of the doubt?”

Islam and Violence: Debunking the Myths with Asma Afsaruddin
“Trump is afraid of Muslims coming in who do not share Americans values. But how well does Donald Trump represent basic American values? His extreme misogyny, regarding women as play things on recent tapes shows he has very little respect for women.”

Truth, Lies, and Political Scapegoating with Hanna Mäkelä
“So, this good thing of listening to the voice of the victim can be abused by ‘playing the victim card.’ But there are real victims. The danger is that we can play the victim card in a way that seeks revenge, not justice. We do this by projecting guilt upon another person or institution.”